Spring Awakening 2013

Spring Awakening 2013

photoI had a beautiful experience this weekend that I really want to share with all of you.

When spring arrives, it is funny how there is this natural desire to cleanse almost programmed into our DNA.  We begin to feel lighter, our energy moves up to the surface getting us ready for the warmer months. Winter can be this incredibly creative, introspective time.  I grew up in Minnesota, so I know this feeling very well.  It is actually the beauty that comes of deep inner reflection during the winter that I have taken with me from growing up in that part of the country. But spring is when we bring to life or fruition those creative ideas, reflections and what we have learned during the winter.

However, sometimes there are parts of our lives and our psyches that have been in winter for years! Even when spring arrives, they stay inside of us hibernating like a little animal. Those creative ideas, projects and inspirations that have never been born into spring (some of us having a higher threshold for this than others) begin to weigh us down. I know this very well for myself. Does it resonate for you at all?

So back to my experience this weekend, when I finally went through a century (and I am not joking), a century’s worth of journals. Places that I wrote down my everyday inspirations accompanied by images, thoughts, emotional states and reflections on every thing from what I had for breakfast to my most recent heartbreak. Some are very interesting, some are incredibly self-absorbed and boring! I have held on tightly to these journals, they represent a part of my life that in many ways has made me who I am today and I have been afraid to let go. I also have become increasingly aware of the psychological weight that they carry. So, I decided to purge. I went through journal after journal, tearing up the pages (in a loving way), keeping the images I found inspiring but letting the rest go.  There was a ritualistic aspect to the process that felt incredibly freeing.  Although much that was in the journals reflected the many rich experiences that have made me who I am today, they also represented a young woman who lived in a lot of fear, especially of putting herself out there in the world. This process of purging in a sense felt very aligned with the work I have been doing in my life over the last few years  in letting go of stagnating old beliefs.

Halfway through the process, my 4 1/2 year-old son came in and said, “Mommy, I made something for you,” and handed me a card  he had made in the other room (he is now learning to write). In his handwriting, it said “Mama I love you,” signed Roscoe with hearts that he had drawn on the back of the card.  There it was in a single moment – the fullness and richness of my life now and I was making room to take it in more fully. Truly my son is the best creation yet!

In yoga we are bringing the latent or unconscious parts of ourselves to the surface and into the light of awareness, cultivating new pathways in our bodies, minds and hearts as we learn to let go. Through practice, we are sowing new seeds to be born (from a yogi’s perspective, lifetime after lifetime until there is no more seed, no more rebirth!)  But in this life we practice to live as fully and wholeheartedly as possible.

I am so excited to be offering a special class on March 25th that will do just this!  I have planned a fun sequence of poses; spinal twists to wring us out and loosen us up, hip opening to connect us more down into the earthly plane and back-bending to open our hearts and spirits and give us courage to bring forth our unique and creative selves!

Time: 11:30-1:15
Location: 571 9th St Apt 2A in Park Slope
Cost: $25
Because my space is limited to 5 people, which is awesome because it makes the class uniquely intimate with lots of individualized attention, I need people to pre-register!
The registration deadline is March 20th.

You can contact me at 646-279-6198 or email me at lizatoft@gmail.com

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