Sacred Centers, Starting January 9th, 2015

Sacred Centers: A Creative Approach to Working with the Chakras

The Art of Yoga Therapy • 7-month program


“The body never lies” — Martha Graham

I am excited to announce a 7-month program at my studio starting on January 9th. “The Sacred Centers” developed out of both the women’s series I have been teaching since 2012 and my own personal exploration of the chakras. In my yoga practice and artwork over the years, I have found that the chakras are a fascinating area that I want to explore further through teaching. This series integrates my passions for yoga, psychology and the creative arts.

Chakras are centers of energy in the body that govern our psychological properties. Anyone who has done yoga knows that through the practice of asana (postures) we access parts of ourselves way below the surface of our physicality. You may have these experiences but find it difficult to understand and to put into words. If we don’t delve deeper into understanding what our bodies tell us through various tensions and imbalances, our yoga practice becomes mechanical and habitual. We lose the opportunity to discover the richness, vitality and deep transformation (emotional, psychological and spiritual) that can happen through practice.

This “Sacred Centers” program will offer an opportunity to:

  • Dedicate an entire month to understanding and expressing your journey through each chakra via yogasana, meditation, creative journaling, art work and my guidance as well as that of a supportive group.
  • Meet twice a month as a group and once a month with me privately. This will give you the chance to not only receive the support of other people experiencing similar issues but to tailor the program through the private work more specifically to your needs.
  • Receive clear guidance and support towards developing a home practice, which is truly where the magic of yoga happens. Between sessions, there will be handouts, homework and email support, establishing a continual thread of awareness and connection to the subject throughout the month, both on and off the mat.

This special program is open to only 5 women who want and are willing to do the deeper work. If you are interested, contact me at between now and next Friday, December 19 so we can set up a time to talk.