The Studio

571 9th St #2A
Brooklyn, NY 11215

My Studio: A creative and healing space dedicated to the transformative effects of Art and Yoga

The Art of Yoga: The focus on improvement, rather than perfection, tie the study of art and the study of yoga together. We are students of life, all of us.

“When the healer’s priority becomes that each individual directly experiences their original nature, healing becomes a lens that focuses the potentialities of the moment.”

—Stephen Levine

Art Therapy and Yoga

In a session combing yoga and art therapy you will first begin with simple yoga poses that help you get in touch with your body.  In this process you will learn to trust your body as a container for feelings. In this first phase of the session the work is to awaken to direct experience through the senses.  To learn how to breathe into sensations and feelings in order to establish a container and boundaries for the sensations and feelings to be expressed.  From the yoga you will move into image making that helps to give form to the experience and allows another to be witness to the experience.  An important part of healing is the ability to find more awareness around the particular issue or trauma so that you no longer live out the original traumatic event in your current life.  In this experience there is an uncoloring of ones perception, which is a core principle of the science of yoga.

 In a yoga and art therapy session you will:

  • Gain insight into emotional/psychological tension that is held in the body with the use of art and yoga
  • Find ways to use postures (asanas) as not only a tool for insight but in a away that can help unravel and create space around the tension
  • Use the process of creativity to give form to the formless and to create a bridge between therapist and client to further the exploration so that what was once unconscious because conscious

Art Therapy Gallery

Powerful Poses

Find your inner power and strength, and give yourself permission to explore and enjoy your world.

Finding Yourself in Art

Taking up a paintbrush can lead to astounding results.

Clarity through Practice

Allow the Truths of the Universe to Reveal themselves in You.

Slowing Your Mind

In yoga, as in art, it’s vital to slow your mind in order to concentrate on what your body is doing. Deep breaths help you find peace as you practice.